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The Top 5 Asked Questions For A Raw Food

If You Plan On Being A Raw Food, Be Prepared to Answer An Arsenal Of Questions
Whether you are 10 days into your raw food journey or 10 years, I can guarantee that no matter where you go and what you do you will be getting a whole bunch of questions.
If you are brand knew to the raw food lifestyle then let me give you some advice which will help reduce the amount of these questions...
Don't tell anyone that you have decided to become a raw food unless they ask!
They best way to be a good example is to let them come to you after they see the difference it has made in your life.
Top 5 Questions Asked Questions For A Raw Food
I really don't get tried of answering these questions because it never gets old seeing people's reaction.
Most people are open minded to the idea of being a raw food but some get down right angry.
So be prepared!
It has really shown me how powerful food really is.
1. Where do you get your protein?
Dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains are all good sources of protein, and much easier to digest that any sort of meat or dairy.
The human body does not need nearly as much protein as most people intake on a daily basis. There is only a certain amount the body can use at one time, and whats left gets store in the body as fat.
We were designed to eat much higher crab diet (and a mean fruit and veg, not bread and pasta).
2. How do you go out to eat at a restaurant?
Almost every restaurant has some sort of a salad. I usually just get the largest salad they have and ask for extra veggies, or avocado. A place with a salad bar is by far the best option.
Any place with a good salad bar is great for a raw food. For a some what small price, you can get a ton of food that would cost a ton of cash at the store or market.
"I Don't know why I don't go more often"
3. How do you resist junk food?
At first it may be a little hard, but when your body starts to detoxify and clean its self out, your taste buds will do the same.
You will begin to look at food in a much different way. Your desire will shift from just how the food taste, to how the food makes you feel.
I no longer look at junk food as a treat, but more so as poison for the body.
4. How do you stay satisfied?
When eating a diet of nothing but complete whole foods, your body gets the nutrition it craves, stopping you from over eating and leaving you completing satisfied.
It is a diet of high processed nutrient stripped foods that fill the body for very short periods, resulting in over eating.
This one of the best things about being a raw food, as long as fruit and veggies are the staples in your diet you can eat as much as you care for not not worry about putting on unwanted fat.
5. Don't you get tired of eating the same thing all the time?
Answer- There could be nothing further from the truth. I change up the foods I eat all the time. Most people don't realize there is a huge variety of fruits & vegetables that they have never even tried. All it takes is a little creativity, and you will find the possibilities to be endless.
I hope you enjoyed these top 5 asked questions for a raw food. My desire is to help you find healthy food solutions for a longer happier life. For more raw recipes and health tips check me out out http://www.thrive-alive-chef.com
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